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We are Mannequin Mouth. We make raw, visceral theatre and film projects. 

Our live shows are digitised at the end of their run to create cinematic, recorded theatre that can be accessible to all. 


Recently, we made our very first pure-blooded feature film - Mother Maker Lover Taker - taking the final step in our evolution to becoming a true theatre and film hybrid company.

About Us


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Mannequin Mouth was founded in February 2018 by Will Pinhey and India Howland whilst in their second year of studying Drama at the University of Exeter. The company formed naturally off the back of their shared theatrical interests and inspirations, specifically the in-yer-face movement of the 90s and writers like Sarah Kane and Philip Ridley. It’s a partnership built off their complimentary skillsets, Will as a writer and India as a photographer and visual artist, which then come together under their mutual directorial vision.


The company was truly born when Will sent India the script for what would become their first show, Primrose Path. It was while working on their subsequent projects, however, that they realised their ambitions for incorporating film into Mannequin Mouth’s ethos, stemming from a conversation about their shared interest in film as an additional medium, the accessibility of theatre, and the cinematic nature of both their directorial style and the content of Will’s scripts.


This cross-medium interest culminated in the production of our debut feature film project Mother Maker Lover Taker. Now a true hybrid theatre and film company, we are eager to share the film with the world as we embark on the festival circuit over 2024.

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