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Exeter Northcott Theatre: 16th - 19th January 2019
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"It's dead. It came out of the dark, and now it's dead."


Set against the backdrop of a mysterious conflict engulfing the world, a plane carrying a group of evacuated school children crash-lands on a deserted island. The eleven girls and boys that survive are faced with the challenge of co-existing in a hostile new environment severed from the society they have left behind. Can the children create something better than the war that drove them from their homes, or will the inevitability of human behaviour bind them to the mistakes of the adult world they were raised in?


Directed by India and Will for Exeter University Theatre Company, Lord of the Flies was a brutal contemporary reimagining of the literary classic, playing to a sold-out 460-capacity Northcott Theatre.


In an age where world leaders behave like children, it is a text that has never seen more startling relevance. Given the opportunity to reinvent this dark and timeless social fable, we approached this show with the intent to unpick the original story’s concept of savagery – what does this look like in the 21st century, and how does this differ to the more colonial impression of savagery from Golding’s novel? 

The conclusion we drew was that contemporary savagery is an excess of control as opposed to a lack of it, and as a result Jack imposed a militaristic regime over the island rather than one idolising lawlessness and ‘freedom’.


Creative team: 

Directed by India Howland and Will Pinhey 

Produced by Matt Farley and Cathryn Williams

Production supervision by Emma Gabola and Katie Ripley 

Costume design by Julia Vredenberg

Stage management by Rudy Tan

Music by Hum Chadna

Photography by Emily Appleton 

Logo and poster designs by Megan Shepherd

Sound design by Amy Mellows 

Lighting by Iarina Armaselu 

Make-up and effects by Jemima Cooper


Emma-Kate Barry as Rachel

Samuel Nicholls as Jack 

Harvey Wright as Piggy 

Laura Jackson as Rosie 

Patrick Swain as Simon

Lila Boschet as Sam 

Mima Beauchamp as Erica

Charlie Howard as Maurice 

Roisin McCay as Penelope

Annabel Wilde as Billie

Fraser Brown as Henry 

'It'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry, and most importantly, it'll make you think.' - Exeposé

'A thrilling performance that had the audience constantly on the edge of their seats.' - RAZZ magazine

'There aren't enough words for me to accurately do this production justice.' - Exeposé

'Overwhelmingly intense, yet absolutely thrilling...unmissable.' - RAZZ magazine.



Photos by Emily Appleton



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