Exeter: 10th - 15th June 2019

"Whatever, Cookie, it's the end of the world - it's not like you get to choose your company."

Cats. Cocaine. Impending doom. Six disparate housemates contend with demons both inner and outer when they are confronted with Armageddon on their doorstep.


As Mannequin Mouth's second cinematically recorded production, the film of Armageddon, Baby! will be premiering in 2021. Our first production, Primrose Path, can be watched now at the Filmed Productions page of our website.

Armageddon, Baby! is a play in two Acts. The first covers the night of Armageddon, and how the calm and collected Kipper, the frantic Bishop, the resolute Cookie, the volatile Kitty, the insular Norton, and the dreamy, prescient Lana are forced to contend with how to spend their final night.

Increasingly unsettling events within the house force everyone’s respective ambitions for the night into conflict, culminating in the violence of the deteriorating outside world crashing its way into their backyard. 

The second Act occurs an indeterminable amount of time later, in a post-Armageddon landscape none of the characters thought they’d live to see. Trapped in their own insular new world order, their minds and memories eroded, those that remain must desperately try to consolidate whether a previous world did indeed ever truly exist.

To mark the dramatic tonal and locational shift between the two acts, the play was performed over two consecutive nights in two different sites – the first being the concrete backyard of a house, and the second a claustrophobic bunker. 

With a limited, exclusive audience capacity of ten for each performance, the show distinguished itself as an intimate and sensory performance experience.  

Creative team:

Written by Will Pinhey 

Directed by India Howland and Will Pinhey 

Produced by Emma Gabola 

Costume by Julia Vredenberg

Stage management by Rudy Tan

Photography and visuals by India Howland


Macauley Keeper as Kipper 

Samuel Nicholls as Bishop 

Laura Jackson as Cookie 

Mima Beauchamp as Kitty 

Harvey Wright as Norton 

Charlie Howard as Spade

India Howland as Lana

Will Pinhey as Rafe

'This cast are insanely talented and talented at being insane.'

'A tense and harrowing atmosphere that keeps the audience on its toes.'

'Degenerated and disturbed.'

All quotes taken from RAZZ magazine's review of Armageddon, Baby!



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