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A Mannequin Mouth feature film

Coming soon

A supernatural, psychological drama in which a young woman finds a way to resurrect the lover she lost to suicide, with devastating, unforeseen consequences. 

Mannequin Mouth's debut feature film, presented in association with The Developing Room, was shot over the course of March 2021, while England remained in a state of national Covid lockdown. Restrictions at the time did allow, however, for filming projects to take place. 

The project was made with a skeleton crew of no more than ten people at a time living and working in the same house as a Covid bubble, with the film being shot on-location in the New Forest and taking place primarily in the cottage we were staying in and the surrounding landscapes. 

Since wrapping filming we have been hard at work in post-production. Following a fundraising campaign that included a launch night event at Theatre Deli in London at the end of October 2022, we are now preparing to run our film festival campaign over the course of 2024. 

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