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Exeter: 21st May 2018 
Edinburgh Fringe Festival: 6th - 11th August 2018
Online release: June 2020
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"Just admit it, Damon."

"Admit what?"

"Admit I fucking won."

Chriss and Damon are in love. They have rules, they have roles – and they play games. Sometimes, they hurt each other. When they play. Such is love. Chriss and Damon are in love.


Every new game, every new scenario, the question remains: how far are they willing to go together? Chriss and Damon are in love. How far is too far? Stitches won’t always be sufficient. They are going to hurt each other. They have hurt each other. Chriss and Damon are in love.


Follow the link to watch the Filmed Production of Primrose Path, the first example of Mannequin Mouth's unique brand of cinematically-recorded theatre.


Primrose Path is a twisted exploration of love and its extremities. The story examines the combined jealousy, competition, and obsession that lurk at the heart of the relationship between lovers Chriss and Damon.


This deluded, devoted couple’s corrosive ambition to ‘play’ gradually leads them down an ever-escalating, all-consuming spiral of physical and emotional harm. Together, they explore the oppressive inescapability of love and learn just how far they will go to win emotional and physical dominance over each other.

Mannequin Mouth's debut show previewed in Exeter before touring to the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Arriving as an unknown and untested company, word of mouth and audience reactions from the production saw us end our run with a sold out final show. 


Creative team:

Written by Will Pinhey

Directed by India Howland and Will Pinhey

Produced by India Howland and Will Pinhey

Photography and visuals by India Howland


Laura Jackson as Chriss 

Michael Hogg as Damon

Samuel Nicholls as Man

'A haunting yet enthrallingly written play...that left us speechless.'

'A beautifully macabre tale.'

'Devastating and thrilling.'

'Shocking and spine-tingling.'

All quotes taken from audience reviews of Primrose Path.



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