Primrose Path, Mannequin Mouth's first cinematically-recorded theatrical production, premiered online at 7pm on Saturday 27th June 2020, and is available to watch on our Filmed Productions page.


Quarantine, Baby! is a special lockdown-themed short released in response to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Written by Will and filmed via webcam from the actors' own houses, it reunites the cast of our June 2019 production of Armageddon, Baby! to reprise their original roles and see their characters in a quarantine situation of their own...


Will has finished writing the script for the next Mannequin Mouth show, which will be our first London-based production. The show's initial 2020 planned release date has naturally now been postponed due to Covid-19, and we wait with the rest of the theatre community for the safe and appropriate time to be able to dive back into live performance. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on what's to come from us, and in the meantime get your theatrical fix by watching the newly released film of Primrose Path, our first example of our commitment to accessible and cinematic theatre, here.

Additionally, we are hard at work on post-production for our second theatrical feature film, Armageddon, Baby!, which we are expecting to premiere in 2021.


We are always on the lookout for crew members for our future filmed productions, so whether you're a cinematographer, a sound designer, a videographer, or just looking to get involved in film, please do contact us at to get on our radar for involvement in our next projects.

Additionally, if you are an artist of any kind (actor, stage manager, lighting designer, graphic designer, whatever!) and are interested in what we do, please do not hesitate to reach out and see if we have any opportunities available. We greatly look forward to finding talented future collaborators.


Samuel Nicholls interviews Will, India and Emma for A Younger Theatre on Mannequin Mouth's digitisation of theatre. 


June 2020 Primrose Path premieres online.


February 2020 - is launched.


October 2019 - Mannequin Mouth officially relocates to London. 

June 2019Armageddon, Baby! is filmed. 

June 2019Armageddon, Baby! plays in Exeter. 

April 2019 - Mannequin Mouth is awarded a grant from the University of Exeter Alumni Fund towards our next year's worth of development. 

April 2019 - An extended version of Primrose Path is filmed as our first ever cinematic theatre piece. 

March 2019 - Mannequin Mouth is awarded the Cymbelline Prize to support our first film project. 


February 2019 - Mannequin Mouth re-brands as a theatre and film company. 


January 2019Lord of the Flies plays at the Exeter Northcott Theatre. 

August 2018Primrose Path tours to the Edinburgh Fringe. 

May 2018 - Will and India partner with EUTCo to direct Lord of the Flies at the Exeter Northcott Theatre. 

May 2018Primrose Path debuts in Exeter. 

February 2018 - Mannequin Mouth is born. 

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